10 Ways Teaching Prepared Me For Motherhood

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Teaching is a tough job. Rewarding, of course, but tough for sure. Being a mom is an equally tough job, and of course it’s crazy rewarding. People often make comments to me about how being a first grade teacher probably prepared me for being a mom, and you know what? They’re so right. So, let’s count down the top 10 ways that teaching prepared me for motherhood.
Number 10:
You can deal with gross things like puke, boogers, and other bodily fluids.

 Let’s keep it real, as a teacher, we see it all, and it’s not always pretty. However, when you have 2 students start throwing up simultaneously during lunch in your classroom (I *may* be speaking from experience), it takes a lot to gross you out, which is a very handy skill when you become a mom and your reality is poop, spit up, pee, and a little more poop for good measure. 😉

Number 9: You can multitask.

Holding my 2 month old and giving my classroom storage a facelift.
 Most women of great multitaskers, but teachers are especially. How many times are you greeting students, checking homework, tying shoes, breaking up disagreements, giving hugs, putting in attendance, and fielding questions from parents all at once? And that’s just in the first 5 minutes of the day. As a mom, espcially a mom with multiple kiddos, this skill is invaluable. Because when you’re trying to make dinner, the baby needs to be held, and your toddler wants to ready a book, you make it work, and then later you feel like superwoman… or at least you breathe a sigh of relief that you made it until daddy gets home.
Number 8: You can turn anything into a song.

In my classroom, I always sang everything. I mean everything. Let’s take out our notebooks! (To the tune of take me out to the ball game), To the left to the left, put your name on the paper to the left, and  a rap about whatever math fact we were learning could always be heard a few classrooms down the hall (sorry!). And now? Did you poop? Did you poop? Yes you did! Yes you did! (to the tune of where is thumpkin) and many more of my greatest hits. Kids love music and it helps you keep your sanity, or at least helps you smile while you’re loosing it. 😉
Number 7: You can turn anything into a game.

Are you teaching the most boring, most difficult topic ever? As a teacher, what can you do to make it fun? Come up with some ridiculous game, of course! Learning time? Let’s put two clocks at the front of the room, have two students stand at the back of the room, yell out a time and have them race to the front, show the time, and hold it up! (Because it always WAY more fun when your teacher lets you run in the classroom). And now that I have a very curious, antsy, active toddler? Who wants to play stack the salt and pepper packets? How about a rousing game of find the balls (anything round) in the grocery store?
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Barnyard Shapes: Peek-a-Boo!

Hi friends!

About a week ago, I posted this picture on my Facebook & Instagram accounts.

Peek a boo Book

My daughter is currently obsessed with farm animals, and I wanted to start teaching her about shapes and colors, so I made this little lift the flap book for her.



Picture4I got a ton of positive reactions about it, so I decided to make it “TpT-worthy” and post it in my store! Although this book is perfect for toddlers & babies, I also think it’d be a great classroom addition as well. :)

If you’d like to grab it for your little one or students, just click the cover below OR head over to my Facebook page and enter to win one for free!



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DIY Tear Away Reward Coupons Freebie


Hi Friends!

I wanted to share a cute idea and a freebie to go along with it today! Using rewards that don’t cost money is definitely ideal, especially when teachers are already spending so much money on their classroom. So, reward coupons have become pretty popular. Well, today I’m going to share how you can make your own coupon book for your reward coupons.

You’ll need:

  • coupons
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • wood glue
  • rubber band

Step One:


Carefully cut out your coupons. Be careful to cut them evenly.

Step Two:

Picture3Put them in an even stack.

Step Three:

Picture4Use a rubber band to hold them together. You want it to be pretty tight so they can’t move.

Step Four:

Picture5Use a cotton swab to brush wood glue on one end. You don’t need a ton, just enough to cover the whole edge, but not so much that it’s dripping down the sides.

Step Five:

Picture6Wait about 30 min- 1 hour. Mine only took 30 minutes to dry.

That’s it! You’re Done!

Picture7Now you have a coupon book. Just tear off one at a time to use!

Click any picture in this post to grab my coupons for free!

What coupons do your students flip for?

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Dear Teacher on the First Day of School

Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher,

It’s the first day of school, and even though I don’t realize how much time and money and work you put into making our classroom pretty and organized and fun, when I walk in to this unfamiliar room, I get excited because I think this year just might be my best year yet.8 Classroom RevealEven though I don’t know how exhausted you are and how nervous YOU feel; your big, kind smile calms my nerves and makes it that much easier to let go of my mommy’s hand and take yours.Picture2I don’t understand all of the research, reading, and effort you put into developing a kind, welcoming environment with procedures and expectations that are supposed to help my friends and I get along and feel safe, but the kind way you treat me helps me feel at ease and ready to learn.Picture3It will never even occur to me that you have a life outside of school- family and friends that you probably won’t see as often as you’d like during the next ten months- because you care too much about your classroom, but I will become a better reader, mathematician, and most importantly, world citizen because of the time and energy you pour into our classroom.Picture4I won’t ever know that you are up at night worrying about me and how you can just help me to understand this or have the courage to try that. I won’t know that my failures feel like your failures and my triumphs are the reason you do this. But, I will be driven to try because I can tell you really do care.Picture5I don’t realize that, by stepping foot into your classroom, I am now one of your kids, and I will always be one of your kids. You will think of me over winter break, next year, in 5 years, and beyond. But I will remember you every now and again. I won’t remember everything, but I’ll remember something silly you did, something fun we did as a class, and the way you made me feel.

pictureI don’t see the pressure that is placed on your shoulders by administration, testing, lesson plans, IEP’s, paperwork, & observations, and I never will because you will start and end each day with a smile and not let me bear any of the weight you are feeling.Picture6I will probably never thank you for everything you do for me because I’ll never realize all you do for me, but I’ll try to tell you in my own way with homemade “Best Teacher Ever” cards, sticky high fives, and too tight hugs. Because what you do matters. Everything you do, all the time, energy, money, tears, laughter, and effort is helping to shape me into the person I will become, and for that I am forever grateful.


Your Students

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Sunday School Room Make Over

Hi Friends!

I wanted to share what I’ve been working on with you! You might remember that I am currently the Children’s Ministries director at my church.
Well, I’ve been hard at work rearranging and reorganizing our Sunday School/Children’s church room and I wanted to share the end result with you!


Just like any classroom, it’s really important that our Sunday School room is organized and functional. I, of course, forgot to take before pictures, but I do have one “in the process” picture.


The main issue with the way the old room was organized was that it really wasn’t. There were a lot of random things in the room that were taking up space, and it just wasn’t functional. However, all of the nuts and bolts were there, they just needed some assembly. I spent a lot of time decluttering and removing a lot of the excess from the room, and this was the end result.


There are two chalkboards in the room that were basically unused. I took this one and created a welcome bulletin board. Our theme is Fellow-Ship kids.


I also labeled and organized the activities in the room. Before, the kids came in and had free time, then had their lesson and activity, followed by more free time. There were two problems with this “system”. First, the kids had a tough time “reigning it in” after free time. Second, there were very few activities, and they weren’t well organized. I labeled each bin and organized the activities. I also bought a few new activities and games from 5 Below (checkers, Jenga, etc) and grabbed some of my centers from my attic from when I was in the classroom. Now the kids know what goes where and that makes a huge difference. I also created a new schedule- Welcome Work, Lesson, Activity, Center Choice.


This was the other unused chalkboard. I threw some Dollar Tree wrapping paper on there and a border that just happened to match my letters (score!). I’m going to add pictures of all of our volunteers to this board with their names. We have a rotating schedule, so this will help the kids know the teachers and helpers a little better.


Of course, I had to get a little creative. I made these signs to hang around the room, and I’m in love with how they turned out. I just printed on card stock and hung in Dollar Tree frames. (Click the picture to grab these posters.)


We already had the easel and art center, I just reorganized it and put it in a more accessible spot.


When our room was originally designed, they put this adorable chalk banner up. I’m not sure what it originally said because it was blank for a while, but I thought this was the perfect 5 letter word. :)


I  created a nice little meeting area for the lesson time. The chair was already in the room, and I had the plastic bins from my classroom. I really want to start incorporating music, so I bought a CD player and brought in my Slugs and Bugs CD’s for the kids to sing along to each Sunday. (If you’ve never listened to Slugs and Bugs, you’re super missing out.)


Here’s the view from the door. The room is organized in a circle. The kids come in and do Welcome Work at the tables (a word search, puzzle, maze, etc), then move to the carpet area for the lesson.


After the lesson, they can choose a center (from the bins or the art center) until their parents come to pick them up.

And that’s it! Simple, but functional.

Before a go, I just wanted to let you know that I finally finished my First Grade Welcome Work Bundle, and am very close to finishing my First Grade Common Core Activities by the Standard Math Pack! I highly recommend purchasing it NOW before the price goes up! :)

Here’s a few picture of it in action from Ms. Smarty Pants!


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