First Grade Common Core Math: Let’s Make Your Life a Little Easier!

Hi Everyone! Sometimes I get SO excited about an idea or a project, that it just takes off on it’s own and kind of consumes my creative brain space! Well, today I’m going to share my latest, exciting project that has done just that! I’ve seriously been thinking and working on this every second I can in the past couple weeks. :)

If you’re a first grade teacher who teaches math, I hope to make your life a little easier!


I recently posted on my Instagram about my idea to create one pack for each common core math standard for first grade, and I got a bunch of positive comments and people who were excited about the idea.

See, I can find plenty of resources that address multiple standards at once, but sometimes you just want to focus on one individual standard.

Especially if you’re expected to address each standard individually on your standards based report card. That’s where my Activities by the Standards series was born.

Each pack contains posters, interactive notebook parts, and at least 5 practice activities/pages with answer keys for that specific standard!

Here’s an example of what’s included in each pack:

Interactive Notebook



Printable ActivitiesAnswer Keys

Now, here’s the exciting part! I’m going to be working hard to complete the packs in the next few months, but you don’t have to wait to buy the bundle!

Instead of posting each individual pack and THEN bundling it, this will be my first growing bundle!

Growing Bundle Cover

Okay, so if you’re not familiar with growing bundles, here’s a little explanation.

What is a growing bundle?

Basically, you can buy the bundle now and when you download it, you’ll get the three packs I’ve already completed.

PSST: Click on each picture below and then click on “PREVIEW” to see each entire pack!




As I complete each new pack, I’ll update the file and you’ll be able to download the new pack with no extra cost to you.

Okay, friends. Math time:

Each pack on it’s own is $3.

There are 24 standards, so there will be 24 packs.

24×3=$72 if you bought each pack individually.

When I’ve uploaded all of the packs, this completed bundle will cost $60 for over 500 pages of resources for every. single. First Grade common core math standard.

BUT, right now, it’s only $30!

The bundle will stay that price until I upload all of the next strand I’m working on which is the Measurement and Data standards.

My goal is to have them uploaded by the end of January or beginning of February, so you have about 2 weeks to grab resources for each common core standard for 1/2 price!

I’m so excited about this, and I hope it makes your life a lot easier so you don’t have to hunt for resources each week. You’ll have them all in one place!

If you have any questions about this growing bundle, please feel free to comment below or email me at and, I’d be glad to answer them.

My goal is always to make teaching a breeze!

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The Jolly Postman: Book Talk Tuesday

Hey all! I’m linking up with Mrs. Jump’s Class for Book Talk Tuesday!

I’m so excited to share one of my favorite books with you!

Not only was this literally my favorite book as a kid, but one of my favorites to read to my class after teaching fairy tales and folk tales.


This book is about a postman who is delivering letters to some of our favorite folk and fairy tale characters including Baby Bear, the Big Bad Wolf, the Wicked Witch, and even Cinderella!

(The FAI sticker is part of my library organization system. {Click here} to read about that.)

Let’s take a look inside.


I love the fun rhyming format of this book, but that’s not the best part…


This book includes actual letters that you can pull out and read! HOW fun is that! The oohhs and ahhhs from my students always give me chills. They love, love, love it!


The letters are cute, funny, and even witty! Every page turn is a new adventure, and elicits a lot of discussion.


The letter for Cinderella even includes a mini-story book of Cinderella. It’s actually pretty long, so I normally read a page or two, but not the whole thing.


The book starts with an invitation for Baby Beat to attend Goldilocks’ birthday party (complete with apology from Goldilocks) and ends at her party complete with birthday card!


If you’re looking for a great book to end your fairy tale or folk tale unit, or just want a book to show how FUN reading can be, this is your book!

Click the link below to grab it on Amazon.

There’s also a Christmas version which is equally as adorable and fun.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about one of my favorite books!

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Wordless Wednesday: Getting Interactive

Happy Wednesday! I’m linking up with Miss DeCarbo for Wordless Wednesday!



Do you use interactive notebooks? I’ve always been a big fan, especially for math. I’ve been hard at work this week on my new series of math packs- Activities by the Standards. Each pack focuses on activities for each common core math standard for first grade, and this is the interactive notebook for the first pack that covers 1.G.A.3- partitioning shapes. (Click on the picture and then click on PREVIEW to check out the whole pack.)

How do you like to use interactive notebooks?

Comment below, and make sure to check out the rest of the Wordless Wednesday posts!

Snowflakes, Snowmen, and Cookies Oh my!

Hey folks! I know I’m a little lot late with this, but I wanted to share what we did the week before Winter Break this year!

First up, our parent gift. Last year, I made these adorable snowmen, and my plan was to do the same, BUT I couldn’t find regular old popsicle sticks, only red and green, so instead we made these snowflake ornaments. I think they turned out really well!


A picture of them in the process. I only bust out the glitter about once a year, so my kiddos really, really get excited.


Finished projects. You can definitely see their personalities in these!

Next, we made the same cards we made last year with our snowman photobooth props. They had so much fun.


I gave my students a large piece of construction paper and had them decorate it however they wanted. Then, I helped them each wrap their snowflakes. They turned out great, but unfortunately I deleted all of the pictures off of my camera by accident.

We also wrote about how to make a snowman and then made construction paper snowmen. I gave them tracers for the circles, but they did everything else freehand. I love how unique they all are!



The writing format is a freebie from Dana Lester! Click here to grab it, and make sure to leave her some feedback!

On the last day before winter break, I wanted to come up with something unique and fun for my students to do, so I introduced rebus stories to them and we made our own.

I found Christmas puffy stickers at Dollar Tree and they worked perfectly, but your students could also just draw pictures. Click the picture below to grab the template for free.


I’m thinking about making a whole like of rebus stories since my students loved them so much!

Have you ever read the book The 12 Days of Winter: A School Counting Book?

It’s super cute and a perfect book for this time of year. We read the book and then my students made their own book of things they’d get or give to others.


Of course on the last day before break we had some yummy treats as well. Last year I tried (and failed) to make melting snowman cookies with my class. They were delicious, but not very pretty. This year, I took the easy route. We made Snow Cookies! Store bought sugar cookies, add some frosting and some mini marshmallows, and you have some very happy kiddos. :)


My kids loved spreading the frosting on themselves and putting the marshmallows in. I had pictures of them doing it, BUT I deleted them by accident as well. :(


On top of the snow cookies, my awesome room mom also sent these Olaf cupcakes in. They were adorable, and my kiddos flipped for them.

My awesome room mom and her family always go to the local food bank and pack lunches this time of the year, so she brought in brown paper bags for my kiddos to decorate. I explained how there are people in the world who don’t have enough food to eat and that these bags would hold a lunch for them. They were so excited to bring those people a little cheer.


They really enjoyed decorating their bags.

So, that’s what we did in a nut shell. Hopefully you see an idea or two you can tuck away for next year.

Before I go, I wanted to let you know that I finally posted my tens and ones mini pack, and it’s only $3. If you follow me on instagram, you saw some of this in action. :)


For those of you looking ahead, I just posted my Valentine’s EASY Writing Craft! Perfect hallway display and easy to differentiate!


I’m also putting my 30 FULL Weeks of Writing Lessons for Primary Grade on sale until the end of the year! Save $9 and have your writing set for the rest of the school year!

30 Writing lessons Thumbnail 1

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Handwriting NO Prep Freebie

Why do they love it? Because instead of writing boring sentences, your students will get to write JOKES! My boys BEGGED to do their handwriting practice last year! :)

Handwriting NO Prep Freebie 2

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