Two for Tuesday 7/15/14

Happy Tuesday! I missed last week, but I’m back this week for some Two for Tuesday fun!

This week, I’m putting my 2 portable word walls on sale, and I’m HOPING that this will motivate me to complete a 1st grade and 3rd grade version. We’ll see. ;)

If I DO get my first grade and 3rd grade versions done, I’ll put them on sale too.

These portable word walls are great because students can keep them right at their desks instead of having to look across the room, or wander around trying to figure out how to spell a word. :)

Here’s the second grade version.


And here’s the fourth grade version.


Hopefully I’ll be adding the other two down here. :) We shall see what I can accomplish today!

Have a great day!

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Top 5 Freebies of the Week 7/12/2014

Happy Saturday Folks! Can you believe that it’s already mid July? Since I’m from the east coast, most school’s around here have only been out for a few weeks. I’ve been off since April because I was on maternity leave. Normally this is the point in the summer where I start thinking about next year. I start pinning on Pinterest like crazy, creating new resources every day, and start thinking about my procedures for the next year.

Well, this year? Not so much. I absolutely love teaching, but the thought of leaving little miss is almost unbearable at this point. So, if you’re wondering why you’re not seeing many “new product” emails from TpT for my store, that is why. I’m hoping I can get my creative mojo back soon, but for now, I would much rather snuggle this cutie. :)

 (I mean, can you blame me?)


I have been distracting myself from thinking about going back to school with my new Jamberry business, and I am LOVING my awesome nails. I create a page on here with a little info in case you’d like to learn more. Just click the picture below. (This was my first application from a few days ago, and they still look exactly the same!)


my card


Since I’ve been a slacker with turning out new products, I’m going to make it up to you by putting one of my newer products on sale. Click the picture below to grab my alphabet flippers for a discounted price today and tomorrow only. :)


Alright, freebie time!Top 5 freebies pic

Number 5.


Check out this freebie from Clark’s Spark! It’s a scoot game that will allow you to assess where your students are in a fun way.  This game uses pictures of common CVC words that your students write the names of on the answer sheet provided. There is a completed answer sheet provided so the activity can be self checking.  Perfect for a whole group game or place it in your literacy center and let your students use it there.

Number 4.


If you have an owl theme, check out these welcome tags from The Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher. These can be used on gifts for your team members or for welcome gifts for your students. Just cut them out, punch a hole in the corner, and attach with ribbon!

Number 3.


Here is a Scoot game for you and your class to learn about each other at the beginning of the school year from Angie’s Hangout! It’s perfect for the first few days of school. :)

Number 2.


This is a fun scoot game from The Chocolate Teacher geared towards first & second graders in helping them to quickly recognize the value of tally marks.  Students will move around desks that have a numbered scoot card on them.  They will record the tally mark value on their recording sheet in the matching number box.  The game is finished when students have moved all the way around the room & back to their beginning number.

Number 1.


This Scoot Game from Jennifer Kime Creations reviews the 4 kinds of sentences – declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, and imperative. Students will have fun moving around the classroom as they determine which kind of sentence is presented on each card. It can be used as a grammar review, practice, or even assessment.

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Top 5 Freebies of the Week 7/5/2014

Happy July everyone! I have a bunch of stuff to share with you today, so I’m going to get right into it. :)

First, to celebrate July 4th, my store is on sale until midnight tonight! Everything is 15% off! This is a great chance to grab some bundles for next year! ;)

Just click the button below to get shopping.


The next thing I want to share is a little update. I posted on Tuesday that I am officially a Jamberry Independent Consultant! :) Well, I started a separate Facebook Page where I will be sharing information, making samples available, and even doing some fun promotions here and there. I’d really appreciate you to hop on over and “like” it. :) Just click the picture below.

FB Pic

Last piece of info before I get to the freebies. I promise, you’ll want to read this. I posted a few weeks ago about the exclusive membership that I’m participating in. Here’s a quick reminder of the details:

Exclusive Deal

Well, you might notice that it is no longer before July 5th since it’s… July 5th. Now the price is going up to $50 which is still a fabulous deal for $400 worth of resources plus a few bonuses along the way.

But today only, you could WIN a bundle for FREE!

Click the button below to head over to my Facebook, and do as many of the things listed as you want. Then, you can enter the rafflecopter for a chance to win!




Alright. Let’s get to some fabulous freebies!Top 5 freebies pic

Number 5.

Summer Writing Paper

If you’re teaching summer school, want your own kiddos to work on writing, or just want to start the school year off with some summer writing prompts, check out this freebie from Mrs. Plemon’s Kindergarten. This fun writing paper is a great addition to summer school writing projects or great to use at home for some summer journaling.  Includes 11 different pages with different summery clip art on each one!

Number 4.

lists freebie

Need to spice up your writing center? Check out this freebie from K’s Kreations. Students can create a variety of lists by selecting a writing task card. Lists can be used as part of the brainstorming process or as the completed product. This activity also works well for main idea and details.Multiple recording sheets are provided.

Number 3.

Number Line Freebie

Check out this creative and unique game from Proud to be Primary. This human number line math game features 24 math flash cards with 3 number addition, subtraction or mixed equations. Also included are the colored numbers 1-9 for you to label your number line. There is a blank flash card sheet for you to use for your own games as a bonus! Full step by step instructions are provided in this freebie with photographs to show how to use it in your classroom!

Number 2.

Word Building Freebie

This simple sight word building activity from Kimberly is designed to help students recognize and spell sight words words. It can easily be used as station/center, whole group, or morning work. Makes a great grab & go activity.

Number 1.

EEK! Only 4 this week because my number 1 was actually a paid product. :/

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Two for Tuesday and Some Exciting News!

Hey folks! It’s Two for Tuesday, but before I get to that, I’m so, so excited to share a new adventure!  I typically stick to teaching related things on this blog because, well, that’s why you’re here, right? BUT I am crazy excited and I just want to share with you all.

First, I have to give you a little info about my journey. When I became pregnant with the little miss, I got very serious about what I was putting in and on my body. It was one thing to eat junk when it just affected me, but it was completely different when I had another person depending on me. Not only did I change what I was eating, but I began staying away from chemicals and other things that weren’t so healthy. That meant no perfume, no smelly lotions, no harsh cleaners, and even no nail polish. Do you know what’s in nail polish? There’s a reason you (or at least I) get a headache when I walk into a nail salon.

Once my baby was born, I still was not willing to put those chemicals on my body with the risk of her possibly eating them when they chip. Plus, it’s not healthy for me either and having a newborn isn’t really conducive to painting nails and waiting for them to dry.

However, it’s kind of a bummer to have naked toes during summer when everyone is looking at your feet.

Well, I have recently discovered the solution!

jamberry baby!

If you have heard about jamberry nails and used them, you’re probably as much in love as I am. If you haven’t, you will be!

Here’s so quick info about why I’m so in love.

Why Jams

If you’re interested, you can click the image above to check out more info and to purchase some jams if you’re already sold. (FYI, they’re always buy 3 get 1 free!)

If you’d like more info, I’m going to be having a facebook launch party very soon, and I’d love for you to “attend”. Send me an email at with the subject “I’m interested in Jamberry nails” and include a link to your facebook page. I’ll ask you to be my facebook friend so I can invite you to the party!

No obligation, just info (and chances to get some FREE jams!) :)

Okay, commercial over and time time for the Two for Tuesday fun!

Today I have two of my most wishlisted items on TpT for 50% off until tomorrow morning at 8am.

First is my Main Idea Flipper Pack. Normally $5.49 but you can grab it for $2.75!

Main Idea Flippers

Main Idea Flippers Pack

This pack can be used all year long with any book that you would like your students to find the main idea and 3 details to match! My second graders loved these last year, but they would work from 1st to 4th. :)

The second deal is a pack for my 3rd-4th grade friends!

Grab my Common Core Writing Pack. It’s normally $6.00 but it’s only $3.00 until tomorrow morning!

It’s perfect for Daily 5, centers, early finishers, and independent work!

Extra Extra

Here’s a few examples of what your kiddos can do with these.



Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

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Moving Rooms: Sweat, Boxes, and Books Oh My!

Have you ever moved classrooms?

Have you ever moved classrooms when you have no AC in the summertime?

Have you ever moved classrooms after a long-term sub has been in your room for 2 months?

Have you ever moved classrooms with a 2 month old?

I bet you can see where I’m going here. Well, last Friday, I got to do all of the above. Luckily, I had the help of my awesome hubby since I had to bring little miss along because she’s still eating very frequently (and I also didn’t want to leave her).

So after going out on maternity leave in the middle of April, I stepped back into my classroom last week for the first time.

THIS is what my room looked like at the beginning on the year.

When I walked in on Friday, I was walking into a room where the new teacher has already moved her stuff in (she asked me if this was okay and I said yes) but all of my stuff was still out. And of course, since I wasn’t there for the last 2 months, some things were not where I left them. My sub was fantastic and of course had to make the room her own, which is totally cool. However, I walked in to this room where everything was not where I left it and it was also filled with double the stuff. I was super overwhelmed.

Also, this was my first year at my school, so I wasn’t exactly sure what protocol was. Luckily, I found one of our fabulous custodians and she told me what I had to do. (Which was a good thing because I didn’t realize I had to label everything with my room number. I probably would have lost 1/2 of my stuff!)

So, after a mini-freak out, I got to work.

Moving Rooms 1

Here are a couple pictures once we got started. I wish I had taken some when we first got there, but I was feeling super overwhelmed and forgot.

Moving Rooms 2

My husband is awesome. While I was stressing and trying to figure out where to begin, he put all of the boxes together for me.

Moving Rooms 3

If you’ve been reading my blog or following me on facebook for a while, you probably already know that I <3 books. I might be slightly obsessed… I’ve posted about how to organize your library, how to find cheap books, and even how to make a book hospital for sick books. Well, the picture above is the last of 6 shopping carts full of books that my hubby took to my new room. This was the tiniest load. The rest were over the top of the cart. I think I’m banned for buying more books for a while. :X (FYI, that doesn’t count my professional books, my box of unorganized books, my favorite teacher read alouds, and the 3 bins of books in my attic.)

Moving Rooms 4Luckily, little miss did an excellent job. She’s 2 months old now and is starting to grab and reach for toys. This little giraffe kept her happy most of the time.

Moving Rooms 5

So, once the little miss was not so content anymore, I quickly pulled out all of the stuff that needed to be packed up, threw it willy nilly on the desks, and then held her while hubby packed the boxes. He’s seriously the best!

Moving Rooms 9

It took about 3-4 hours, but my stuff was finally boxed, labeled, and ready to be moved. I was actually surprised at how little it looked like I had, but all of my books are already in my room, and that’s the majority of my hoard supplies.

Moving Rooms 6

We took one last shopping cart of random stuff in my room that I didn’t want someone else to move and risk breaking/loosing. (Your school has shopping carts to move things around too, right? ;) ) Oh, and THANK goodness for the elevator at my school because I’m moving from the 3rd floor to the basement, and that’s a lot of steps.

Moving Rooms 7

Before we left, I had to snap some pictures of my new room. This is the view from the door.The stuff on the left is the previous teacher’s belongings that need to be moved to her new room. Did I mention that about 1/2 the teachers are moving grades/rooms this year? I’m really not sure how I’m setting up my new room. I loved my old room, and had it set up exactly how I wanted it. Now, I have to really think about what I want to do and how I’m going to make the space work.

Moving Rooms 8This is the view from the back wall. (Can you spy my hubby holding my little miss? heehee) This room is still a good size room, but is a little smaller than my last room. I was very spoiled in my old room when it came to size, storage, and technology. However, it was also the hottest room in a school with no AC. Since my new room is in the basement I shouldn’t melt it will be a lot cooler.

I am SO glad to be done. Shout out to the hubs for all of his help. It would have taken forever without him.

Now I’m going to enjoy the next 2 months with my sweet baby girl before I have to go back to work. I am very excited to be moving back to first grade, and I can’t wait to make my new room feel like home, but it is definitely going to be bittersweet to leave my baby in anyone else’s care. I’m pretty sure even Mary Poppins isn’t good enough to watch her. Luckily, I still have plenty of time to enjoy before I have to worry about any of that, so until then, I’m going to enjoy every minute.

Before I go, Wednesday is the last day you can grab this exclusive freebie before it disappears forever. Head on over before it’s too late!

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