3 EASY DIY Toddler Crafts

Happy Sunday!

A few weeks ago, we welcomed baby number 2 into our lives, and we are thrilled with this little bundle.


I recently blogged over at SeeMamaTeach about what we did to make the transition from one kiddos to 2 a little easier. To check out that post, just click the picture below. :)


One of the things I mentioned in that post is that doing a simple craft with my 2 year old, when I can, has been a HUGE help in making the transition from only child to big sister (aka has to wait for things now) a little easier, so I decided to share some of those simple crafts with you today!


These crafts are all super easy, super fun, and require supplies you most likely already have. These are perfect for toddlers up to kindergarteners, and could easily be tied to specific lessons. However, we just did them for fun.


The first craft is a simple DIY maraca. All you need to create this is dried beans, plastic eggs, masking tape, plastic spoons, and markers to decorate.


First I had her fill the eggs with dried beans using the spoon. She thought this was a blast, so not only was it great fine motor practice, but it entertained her for a good long time! (After the maracas were done, we kept filling plastic eggs, just for fun.)


Next, we put the egg between the spoons…


and taped around the top.


And then kept going.


Then, we decorated them with markers. I think it would have been super fun to use stickers as well.


And then they were done! We sang so many songs while shaking these after, and she is still playing with them over a week later!


This was by far my sweet girl’s favorite craft, and it was so simple!


First trace and cut out their hand.


I drew on a mouth and let little miss put the googly eyes on.


Next, she decorated them with glitter glue which very quickly became her new favorite thing ever.


And then last, we glued on the popsicle sticks for handles! She was so excited to play with them, I couldn’t even get a picture. :)

She is obsessed with Laurie Berkner songs, so we naturally played the Goldfish song while acting it out with our fish. These little puppets have gotten so much use, and were so simple!


After making the fish puppets, she became a little obsessed with making things using her hand prints, so the next craft we did was a hand print bee.


This one was also super simple. I pained yellow and black stripes on her hand.


Then, we put her hand down on a piece of paper. Since she’s 2 and wiggly, the colors got a little mixed, but she didn’t care at all.


Last, we held the paintbrush together to make a circle for the head, a mouth, and an eye! Easy and cute! I think this would also work well with a foot.


I know I said 3 crafts, but I also want to share this little bonus craft. I don’t have pictures of the steps because it was super impromptu, but we made a little butterfly out of her handprints. We didn’t make it a puppet, but if you glued a popsicle stick on the back, it could easily be turned into one.

I hope the littles in your life can enjoy some of these crafts as well!

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Alphabet Project for Read Across America Week!

Happy Read Across America Week!

Alphabet Book

Today I want to share with you a quick and fun activity to go along with Dr. Seuss’s ABC’s! This activity doesn’t have to be paired with this book, and can totally be completed alone, but since it’s RAAW, I realized it’s a perfect fit!

This project is super simple. Read Dr. Seuss’s ABC’s to your class, and then give each student a letter! They will get to write their own words that begin with the letter, illustrate it, and share it with the class. These make a great display, and the best part is that you can easily differentiate it!

Alphabet Book example 1If you have younger students (kindergarten), or students who just need a little extra support, you can have them draw items that begin with their letter and then write the words themselves phonetically. Then, you can sit with them and rewrite any words that are misspelled. Highlighting every other line helps them to leave spaces for you to help correct their words.

Alphabet Book example 2For other students, you can have them make a list of as many words as they can think of, (they can even use the dictionary as long as they can read the words they choose), and then they can pick some or all to illustrate.

Alphabet Book example 3And lastly, for older or more advanced students, you can have them write sentences or phrases with words that start mostly with their letter and then pick one to illustrate. For added fun, have them highlight the letter at the beginning of each word to see how many they can include!

I hope you enjoy this fun activity with your students! To grab this pack, click on any of the above pictures to purchase it from my TpT shop!

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New Year New Tools Blog Hop!

Hi Everyone! My friends and I over at SeeMamaTeach are linking up for a fun New Years blog hop!

blog hog picture

We’re sharing ideas and freebies to help you ease back into January and I’m stop number 1!stop 1

Here’s my freebie that I find is a great way to start the new year in January! (Click the picture below to grab it from my tpt shop).

New Year Letter FreebieThis friendly letter freebie is a great, new spin on having your students write new years resolutions! It comes with a few different versions and will work for kindergarten to second or third grade!

I also want to share a little, simple tip. Take some time the first day back to really go back over your classroom routines and procedures. Their little brains are likely to forget a ton over break, so I like to treat the first period or two like the first day of school- reviewing, practicing, and remember our procedures.

I hope you have a great first week back!

Now keep on hopping through to grab some more tips and freebies, and to enter to win a $50 stitchfix.com gift card & a bunch of great teaching resources!

Here’s the resource you could win from my TpT shop!

enter to winMy Short Vowel and Long Vowel Interactive Notebook & Game packs are no prep, low cutting, and tons of fun, and you can win both of them at the end of the blog hop! Just keep hopping through and enter to win at the end! :)

Click the button below to hop on to the next blog!next stop

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5 Quick & Easy Kid-Friendly Christmas Ornaments

Since Christmas is about a week and a half away, and you’re probably getting close to the last day of school, I’m sure you’ve already got parent gifts handled, right? No? Never fear! Here are 5 quick, easy, and cheap kid-friendly ornament crafts that are sure to bring a smile to parents faces!


All of these crafts use supplies you most likely already have on hand, with 1 or 2 exceptions.

Christmas Tree Ornament

You’ll need:



Make a triangle with the popsicle sticks by gluing each corner.


Use some glitter glue (or glitter & glue if you’re feeling daring) to decorate!


Tie a ribbon on the top, and boom! Done and done! Have students right their name & date on the back.

Snowflake Ornament

You will need:



Make 2 narrow X’s with your popsicle sticks, and glue in place.


Place one X on top of the other to create a snowflake shape.


Add a ribbon to hang.


Decorate with glitter glue and you’re done! Check out when I made these with my first graders last year here.

Star Ornament

You will need:



Create 2 triangles by gluing corners.


Place glue on one triangle approximately where the triangles will line up. (You can easily wipe off any excess.) Then, add a ribbon to the top.


Place the triangle on top, and press down.


Decorate with glitter glue and allow to dry!

Reindeer Ornament

You will need:



Paint your popsicle sticks brown, or just start with brown popsicle sticks.


Make a triangle with the popsicle sticks, but slide the stop stick down a bit for antlers.


Glue on googly eyes & a pom pom for the nose. (Red for Rudolph, black for regular)


Add a ribbon so it can hang. Again, you can add name and date on the back.

Thumbprint Snowman Ornament

You will need:



Stuff the shredded paper into the ornament. (I got a back of 12 ornaments at Target for about 8 bucks).


I recommend doing the rest of the steps one-on-one for younger kids. Have students use their thumbs in black paint to make eyes for the snowman.


Use an orange sharpie to draw on a carrot nose and a black sharpie to draw on a mouth.


Add a ribbon to the top to hang. You can write the date on the bottom and the students name on the back.

I hope those were helpful! For another bonus ornament that takes a little more time/effort, check out how to make this cute snowman hanging ornament by clicking the picture below!


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10 Ways Teaching Prepared Me For Motherhood

I’m SO excited to announce that I’m part of an amazing new collaborative blog!Header

I just posted my first post over there, and it’s all about 10 Ways Teaching Prepared me for Motherhood!

Teaching is a tough job. Rewarding, of course, but tough for sure. Being a mom is an equally tough job, and of course it’s crazy rewarding. People often make comments to me about how being a first grade teacher probably prepared me for being a mom, and you know what? They’re so right. So, let’s count down the top 10 ways that teaching prepared me for motherhood.
Number 10:
You can deal with gross things like puke, boogers, and other bodily fluids.

 Let’s keep it real, as a teacher, we see it all, and it’s not always pretty. However, when you have 2 students start throwing up simultaneously during lunch in your classroom (I *may* be speaking from experience), it takes a lot to gross you out, which is a very handy skill when you become a mom and your reality is poop, spit up, pee, and a little more poop for good measure. 😉

Number 9: You can multitask.

Holding my 2 month old and giving my classroom storage a facelift.
 Most women of great multitaskers, but teachers are especially. How many times are you greeting students, checking homework, tying shoes, breaking up disagreements, giving hugs, putting in attendance, and fielding questions from parents all at once? And that’s just in the first 5 minutes of the day. As a mom, espcially a mom with multiple kiddos, this skill is invaluable. Because when you’re trying to make dinner, the baby needs to be held, and your toddler wants to ready a book, you make it work, and then later you feel like superwoman… or at least you breathe a sigh of relief that you made it until daddy gets home.
Number 8: You can turn anything into a song.

In my classroom, I always sang everything. I mean everything. Let’s take out our notebooks! (To the tune of take me out to the ball game), To the left to the left, put your name on the paper to the left, and  a rap about whatever math fact we were learning could always be heard a few classrooms down the hall (sorry!). And now? Did you poop? Did you poop? Yes you did! Yes you did! (to the tune of where is thumpkin) and many more of my greatest hits. Kids love music and it helps you keep your sanity, or at least helps you smile while you’re loosing it. 😉
Number 7: You can turn anything into a game.

Are you teaching the most boring, most difficult topic ever? As a teacher, what can you do to make it fun? Come up with some ridiculous game, of course! Learning time? Let’s put two clocks at the front of the room, have two students stand at the back of the room, yell out a time and have them race to the front, show the time, and hold it up! (Because it always WAY more fun when your teacher lets you run in the classroom). And now that I have a very curious, antsy, active toddler? Who wants to play stack the salt and pepper packets? How about a rousing game of find the balls (anything round) in the grocery store?
Want to read the rest of the count down? Just head on over to See Mama Teach! While you’re there, enter our giveaway to win a $50 target and $25 TpT gift card!
Intro Giveaway


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