Valentine’s Day Made Easy: Print, Copy, and Go!

I love love. Maybe that’s why I’m already thinking about Valentine’s Day. I love Valentine’s Day as an adult: flowers, chocolate, romantic dinners by candle light with the hubby, but I also LOVED V-Day as a kiddo. I would spend a couple hours the night before our class party filling out my little cards, I would get so excited to pass them out, and of course checking out my own full Valentine’s Day sack was always the highlight of the day.

So, now that I’m a teacher, I still love Valentine’s Day, but I also know that every minute of instructional time is so important. I wanted to create a resource that was tons of fun but also highly educational at the same time. I also wanted it to be a complete Valentine’s Day in a box, and I ended up with my…

Valentine’s Day MEGA Pack

Valentine's Day MEGA Pack

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this pack because it covers every subject: Language Arts, Math, and Science, in a meaningful and fun way. You can literally purchase, print, copy, and you are set for an awesome Valentine’s Day.

Just from looking at the table of contents, you can see it is chock-ful of educational, Valentine’s goodness!





There are printable worksheets with answer keys covering ABC order, Writing, Parts of Speech, and a Word Scramble.

Click on the picture below to download a FREE ABC order and Nouns and Verbs practice page from the packet!








Students also create their own Valentine themed noun and verb book and practice making inferences.





My very favorite activity is this Friendly Letter Valentine Project. Students write a friendly Valentine’s letter to a friend or family member and then create a fun Valentine’s friend! These make a GREAT bulletin board! (If you create one, email me the picture at, and if I post it on my blog, I will send you a product from my store as a thank you!)





This How-To Make a Valentine Activity is a great way to introduce or review the parts of a how-to. Students get to read a How-To, answer questions about it, and then create their own! There are 2 versions depending on your students’ reading skills.



The number on my heart activity reviews the different ways you can show a number. You can play a Find Your Corner version or a Call Out Whole class version. There is also a practice sheet for students to practice this skill.





I love these skip counting mazes, and so do my students. It’s a fun way to practice this fundamental skill.

I also love science experiments, so I had to put a Valentine’s theme one in this packet. To complete the experiments, you will need a few items (cups, drink choices, message hearts, and chocolate candy). There are two versions to choose from with a matching lab report.



Finally, there is some good, old fashioned FUN! Students can create and color their own Valentines Bookmarks and then create a recycled mailbox for their Valentine’s. To create the mailboxes, each student will need a paper bag, shoe box, or cereal box. Slide6


I hope you enjoyed checking out this resource. If you’re interested in purchasing it, just head on over to my TpT Store. It’s only $7.99 for 80 pages and EVERYTHING you need for an awesome V-Day!


Martha from Primary Paradise

Primary Paradise

Primary Paradise

I have always had a passion for teaching and sharing with others and look forward to sharing my ideas with you!


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