Teachers Care for Oklahoma

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I’m sure you have heard and read and watched on TV all about the horrible tragedy that took place in Oklahoma just 7 short days ago. The level 5 tornado that ripped through the area left a path of destruction in its wake, including the destruction of two elementary schools. Additionally, young lives were also lost.

I know that after events like this, we tend to want answers. We tend to wonder why. And we tend to feel lost.

Although I don’t have answers, I do see a ray of hope. A ton of teachers have gotten together and donated products to raise money for these schools to try to rebuild. When I heard about this effort, I couldn’t donate fast enough. Click on the picture below to purchase the Teachers Care for Oklahoma packs for only $25. Every penny will go to the schools who have lost so much, and you will receive over $100 dollars in teaching resources. The link will take you to the first K-2 pack, but at the bottom of the page there are links to the other K-2 pack and the 2 3-6 packs.


Special thanks to Crayonbox Learning for organizing this whole thing.

Hugs your friends and family a little tighter today, and don’t forget to thank a veteran.

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