The Teacher’s 12 Days of Christmas: Day 10

Happy Monday! Before we get to today’s deal, I want to share the melted snowman art and writing project my kids worked on last week. It was the excuse reason we got to make those yummy snowmen cookies on Friday. 😉

First, we talked about reasons a snowman might melt- the sun came out, the temperature rose, it started to rain.

Then, they completed a four square graphic organizer.

Melted Snowman Writing 1

Next, they wrote about where they made their snowman, what it looked like, why it melted, and how they felt when it melted.

Melted Snowman Writing 2

I just LOVE how creating my kids are. 🙂

Melted Snowman Writing 3

Too cute!

Melted Snowman Writing 4

They are SO creative!

Then, we created melted snowmen by picking scrapbook paper, cutting circles, and cutting the snowman parts out of paper. This idea is NOT mine. I found it here. They turned out SO cute!

Melted Snowman Writing 5

Why yes, this snowman has a banana for a nose. 😉

Melted Snowman Writing 6

I love the little top hat!

Melted Snowman Writing 7

This one is a snow dog (see the bone on the upper left?)

Melted Snowman Writing 8

And here’s the snowelf. Notice the elf shoes. 🙂

I can’t wait to display these! The best part, since it’s snowmen and not Christmas, I can put them up in January! Win-win!

Now let’s check out today’s deal. It’s a good one!

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop

Day 10!

10th day

Today I’m offering…

Short and Long Vowel File Folder Flippers

It is normally $13.98, but today you can grab it for $6.99! (That’s $1 cheaper than it costs to buy just ONE of these packs on their own!)

The idea for this pack came from student need. Last year at my old school, I was doing RTI pull out with two adorable 1st graders who were really struggling with their word families. I decided to create the short vowel pack to help them practice, and then once they had them mastered, I went to the long vowel pack. They LOVED their flippers, and it really helped them learn their word families. This pack is probably one of my favorites. Click the picture above to check it out, and click {here} to check out an old post about how I use these.

And now a hint for tomorrow… your kiddos will be getting Wacky with their Parts of Speech all year long. 😉 Any guesses? Post below!

A bunch of my TPT friends are participating as well, so click on the links below to see what they have on sale today! The link will take you to their TPT store. Click on the words to the right of their logo to check out what product they have on sale!

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