Top 5 Freebies of the Week 3/15/2014

Hi friends! I’m so glad to be back with a Top 5 Freebie post after skipping one next week. We’re currently selling our house, and had two showings last Saturday which meant all morning was spent cleaning and straightening up and then we had to be out all afternoon.

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Number 5.

Free Sight Word Class Book

Here is a fun resource for sight word and sentence writing practice from Lindsay Keegan. Each student is given the sight word page and one of the class word wall words. You can either give each student a different word, or give each student the same word. The students write the word on the top line and then write a sentence or two using the sight word they were given. They can also illustrate their sentence in the space provided. This activity can be used to go along with any lesson and can even be made seasonal by simply changing the words that you choose for your students.

Number 4.
Raining Antonyms Freebie

This freebie from The Speech Space would make a great memory game, matching game, or file folder game. Students have to match the antonyms. It is perfect for April showers!

Number 3.

Why We Need Math PowerPoint

You know when your students ask you WHY they need to learn something? Well, if they’re asking about math, here’s the perfect powerpoint from Emily Hutchison that would be great for the beginning of the year. This Powerpoint uses photographs of objects in the everyday world that require the ability to read or use numbers. It is a way to start a conversation with your students about when they use math or when they see math being used. The lesson could begin with a brainstorming web of why we need math. The Powerpoint can provide lots of examples and a follow up web can be produced to find out what they learned.

Number 2.

Count Your Stones Freebie

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you probably know that I love easy and simple. Here’s a great fun game for Pre-K or K from Kindergarten Craftiness that is super easy and simple, but oh so useful. Simply print the cards, laminate, and cut apart. Then place the cards in the middle of the table and, as students take turns drawing a card, they either name the number, name the number that comes before or after, or count on from the number on the card. They could even draw 2 cards and add them! If their response is correct, they take a stone from the middle of the table and return the card. The student with the most stones at the end, wins!

Number 1.


If your kiddos are working on addition and subtraction to 5, check out this center freebie from Stephanie Ann. Just print, laminate, cut, and go. Match each addition and subtraction problem on each gumball to the correct gumball machine.

Enjoy the freebies and remember to leave these awesome freebies some feedback!

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  • The Speech Space
    March 15, 2014 11:55 am

    Thank you for featuring my freebie!

  • Laura Duinkerken
    March 15, 2014 12:46 pm

    Thanks so much for posting these fantastic freebies!

    Luv My Kinders

  • Stephanie Ann
    March 15, 2014 8:24 pm

    You are SO sweet for posting my freebie…I really appreciate it….I just posted some more so I will submit them to you! I subscribe to your blog by email and never miss a post…your husband’s clip art is great too 🙂 Thank you again!

    Stephanie Ann
    Sparkling in Kindergarten

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