3 EASY DIY Toddler Crafts

Happy Sunday!

A few weeks ago, we welcomed baby number 2 into our lives, and we are thrilled with this little bundle.


I recently blogged over at SeeMamaTeach about what we did to make the transition from one kiddos to 2 a little easier. To check out that post, just click the picture below. πŸ™‚


One of the things I mentioned in that post is that doing a simple craft with my 2 year old, when I can, has been a HUGE help in making the transition from only child to big sister (aka has to wait for things now) a little easier, so I decided to share some of those simple crafts with you today!


These crafts are all super easy, super fun, and require supplies you most likely already have. These are perfect for toddlers up to kindergarteners, and could easily be tied to specific lessons. However, we just did them for fun.


The first craft is a simple DIY maraca. All you need to create this is dried beans, plastic eggs, masking tape, plastic spoons, and markers to decorate.


First I had her fill the eggs with dried beans using the spoon. She thought this was a blast, so not only was it great fine motor practice, but it entertained her for a good long time! (After the maracas were done, we kept filling plastic eggs, just for fun.)


Next, we put the egg between the spoons…


and taped around the top.


And then kept going.


Then, we decorated them with markers. I think it would have been super fun to use stickers as well.


And then they were done! We sang so many songs while shaking these after, and she is still playing with them over a week later!


This was by far my sweet girl’s favorite craft, and it was so simple!


First trace and cut out their hand.


I drew on a mouth and let little miss put the googly eyes on.


Next, she decorated them with glitter glue which very quickly became her new favorite thing ever.


And then last, we glued on the popsicle sticks for handles! She was so excited to play with them, I couldn’t even get a picture. πŸ™‚

She is obsessed with Laurie Berkner songs, so we naturally played the Goldfish song while acting it out with our fish. These little puppets have gotten so much use, and were so simple!


After making the fish puppets, she became a little obsessed with making things using her hand prints, so the next craft we did was a hand print bee.


This one was also super simple. I pained yellow and black stripes on her hand.


Then, we put her hand down on a piece of paper. Since she’s 2 and wiggly, the colors got a little mixed, but she didn’t care at all.


Last, we held the paintbrush together to make a circle for the head, a mouth, and an eye! Easy and cute! I think this would also work well with a foot.


I know I said 3 crafts, but I also want to share this little bonus craft. I don’t have pictures of the steps because it was super impromptu, but we made a little butterfly out of her handprints. We didn’t make it a puppet, but if you glued a popsicle stick on the back, it could easily be turned into one.

I hope the littles in your life can enjoy some of these crafts as well!

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