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The Secret to Engaging Word Work & Writing Centers on the Cheap

Centers that are engaging for your students and cheap and easy for you? What if I told you that you also don’t have to change them all year and you can still differentiate at the same time? No,this isn’t the beginning of a really terrible joke, it was the reality in my classroom! And I’m excited to share my easy,…

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Patriotic Picture Books Your Elementary Students will Love

If you’re looking for a few picture books about America that your elementary students will love, than keep reading! These three books are sure to be a hit in your classroom. Patriotic Picture Books This post contains affiliate links. Finding amazing and new picture books to teach different topics is a huge passion of mine. I love books that are…

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Is Writing Frustrating Your Students? Get it WRITE

Writing instruction in lower elementary can be a frustrating experience for teachers and students. Students need to learn how to express themselves using written language, but sometimes that task can seem overwhelming. Today, I’m going to share how you can take the guesswork out of writing instruction in your Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade classroom. Learn how to streamline your…

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Clipboards in the Classroom: Teacher Tricks that Will Engage Students

Clipboards are one of my all time favorite classroom resources. They’re cheap and versatile: what more could you ask for? Today, I’m going to share some of my favorite clipboard hacks along with some helpful ways to use them in the classroom with your students! This post contains affiliate links. Clipboard Hacks for the Classroom Let’s start with some of…

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Does Left Handed Mean Left Out? 5 Ways to Support Students

Although only about 10% of the world’s population is left handed, you’re bound to end up with lefties in your class. If you’re a right handed teacher, like 90% of the world’s population, this might not be a topic that’s ever even occurred to you as something to be aware of in your classroom. As a lefty myself, I feel…

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At Risk for Summer Slide? BRAINtain is a 5 Minute Solution

How do you prevent the summer slide without requiring a lot of time or supplies while making it meaningful and engaging? That’a a tall order, but not impossible! Today I’m going share the BRAINtain program that saves you prep time, is easy for parents to use, and engages students daily! So, what is BRAINtain anyway? BRAINtain is a combination of…

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Fidget Spinners in Your K-2 Classroom

Fidget Spinners. I get it, teachers. I get why you want to take this fad and throw them out, burn them, and ban them. I truly, truly understand your frustration and annoyance. They can be distracting, many kids who don’t need them have them, and they’re just everywhere. Kid fads can be so annoying and seem so pointless (remember pogs?).…

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Dialogue, Dinosaurs, and the Adele of the PreSchool Crowd

We are the Dinosaurs Marching, Marching! We are the dinosaurs! Whaddya think of that? If you have little kids or teach little kids, chances are you sang that catchy tune just like I did! If you’re already a Laurie Berkner fan, you’re in for a treat today, and if you’re not, than you need to immediately head over to her…

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