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Dice and Dabbers in the Classroom: Cheap & Engaging Tools

Dice and bingo dabbers are two of my favorite cheap, engaging, and versatile classroom tools. Today I’m going to share ways you can use them for math and reading activities in your classroom as part of my September series. This month I will share¬†how you can use items you already have in your classroom to engaging students and enhance learning!…

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Enrichment, Intervention

At Risk for Summer Slide? BRAINtain is a 5 Minute Solution

How do you prevent the summer slide without requiring a lot of time or supplies while making it meaningful and engaging? That’a a tall order, but not impossible! Today I’m going share the BRAINtain program that saves you prep time, is easy for parents to use, and engages students daily! So, what is BRAINtain anyway? BRAINtain is a combination of…

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Dialogue, Dinosaurs, and the Adele of the PreSchool Crowd

We are the Dinosaurs Marching, Marching! We are the dinosaurs! Whaddya think of that? If you have little kids or teach little kids, chances are you sang that catchy tune just like I did! If you’re already a Laurie Berkner fan, you’re in for a treat today, and if you’re not, than you need to immediately head over to her…

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How To Repurpose Empty Tissue Boxes & Engage Your Class

If you teach elementary school, you’ve got tissue boxes. Am I right? The incredible pace in which students can go through a box of tissues has always astounded and amazed me. It also always leaves me with empty boxes upon empty boxes. So, today I’m going to share how you can use that stack of empty tissue boxes to engage…

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First Grade Common Core Math: Let’s Make Your Life a Little Easier!

Hi Everyone! Sometimes I get SO excited about an idea or a project, that it just takes off on it’s own and kind of consumes my creative brain space! Well, today I’m going to share my latest, exciting project that has done just that! I’ve seriously been thinking and working on this every second I can in the past couple…

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