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Decodables Gone Digital: Ditch the Prep for Readers Made Easy

Decodable Readers: If you thoroughly enjoy the printing, cutting, folding, stapling, prepping, storing, hunting for the one you need, and repeating all of the above when they go home with your students only to never return loop of frustration than you can just go ahead and skip this post. However, if you’re like the rest of us who loathe doing this…

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4 NEW Ways to Use Popsicle Sticks in the Classroom

Popsicle sticks are an inexpensive classroom tool that can be used so many ways, from pulling student names to art projects, and beyond! Pinterest is FULL of ideas, but I’m excited to share 4 NEW ways to use popsicle sticks in your classroom. Watch my Facebook Live on this topic right here! Materials You’ll Need: This post contains affiliate links.…

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The Secret to Engaging Word Work & Writing Centers on the Cheap

Centers that are engaging for your students and cheap and easy for you? What if I told you that you also don’t have to change them all year and you can still differentiate at the same time? No,this isn’t the beginning of a really terrible joke, it was the reality in my classroom! And I’m excited to share my easy,…

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Dried Up Glue Caps? Engage Your Students with this Free Game

Today we’re continuing our Make & Take Series: Turning Classroom Trash Into Instructional Treasure! So far we’ve made Fruit Cup Dice Holders and Marker Cap Finger Pointers.  This week I’m going to share a way to reuse glue stick or bottle caps to make a fun game for students. If you’ve been stock piling them because you knew they would be useful…

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Morning Work- A Sanity Saver in the Mornings

Ah, morning work. When I was in school, that wasn’t a thing. At least not in my school. We came in and the teacher collected lunch money while we unpacked, sharpened pencils, talked about the Rugrats episode we watched last night etc, etc and then eventually the Pledge of Allegiance would come over the loud speaker, we’d all stand, and…

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