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Decodables Gone Digital: Ditch the Prep for Readers Made Easy

Decodable Readers: If you thoroughly enjoy the printing, cutting, folding, stapling, prepping, storing, hunting for the one you need, and repeating all of the above when they go home with your students only to never return loop of frustration than you can just go ahead and skip this post. However, if you’re like the rest of us who loathe doing this…

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Pumpkin Exploration Day: Engaging Ideas for Your Learners

Pumpkin exploration, pumpkin investigation, or just pumpkin day! Whatever you call it, your students will love these fun, hands on science, reading, writing, and character education activities! Watch my Facebook Live video about this topic here. All of the free printables I’m going to share in this post are available in our Facebook group files here. Pumpkin Exploration: Let them…

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Fire Safety: Hands On, Engaging Activities Your Students Will Love

Fire safety is such an important topic to expose our students to. Whether you’re discussing fire Safety during Fire Safety week in October, a community helpers unit, or any time of the year, here are some of my favorite books and activities to use with students. Fire Safety Books This post contains affiliate links. If there is a Gail Gibbons…

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Playroom Book Organization with Oriental Trading: Color Coded

As a teacher, I’m obsessed with books. Books are the gateway to other worlds and places, and you can never have too many! However, my two daughters have so many books that they were all over the place. When we decided to build a playroom in our basement, I knew organized book storage would be key! I used some of…

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Dice and Dabbers in the Classroom: Cheap & Engaging Tools

Dice and bingo dabbers are two of my favorite cheap, engaging, and versatile classroom tools. Today I’m going to share ways you can use them for math and reading activities in your classroom as part of my September series. This month I will share how you can use items you already have in your classroom to engaging students and enhance learning!…

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