A Miracle for Miracle

Hey folks.

I want to share something amazing that one of my lovely blogger friends is doing to help a very special student at her school.

Samantha from Ms. Smarty Pants is trying to help out a wonderful little girl named Miracle, a First Grader in her school, who was just diagnosed with Leukemia. Miracle has already struggled a lot in life: she lost her mom when she was a baby and also has Cerebral Palsy. However, Miracle is a fighter, and has continued to develop into a lovely young lady despite the difficulties she has faced.


When Samantha told me about this amazing little girl, my heart broke, and I wanted to do something to help. She had the amazing idea to put together a packet of teaching resources, and I quickly volunteered to donate an item.

She has collected a massive 31 units worth over $100. However, to help little Miracle, you can receive all 31 units for only a $25 donation.

Please click the link below to see all of the units, and if you feel called, to help out this wonderful little girl. Not only will you receive a ton of quality material, but you will be touching the life of a sweet, innocent child.


Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, and have a wonderful rest of your week.


Martha from Primary Paradise

Primary Paradise

Primary Paradise

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