It’s All About the Writing: Daily 5 and Writer’s Workshop Ideas

This week was the second full week of school, and it was all about the writing this week!

Here’s a little funny. <3 Calvin and Hobbes! (SO hope this isn’t how my cuties feel.)

Calvin and Hobbes

I launched writer’s workshop, and my students wrote their first narratives about an awesome day. They did a fantastic job, and they even were able to create interesting question leads for their stories!

Three Stars and A Wish

When they finished their stories, I had them pair up and share two stars and a wish.

Have you ever used this strategy? I love it. My kiddos swap stories, read them, and then share 2 things they did great and 1 “wish” that they can do next time to make it better.

Before I sent them to try it off, we discussed possible stars and how to make sure they were clear. We talked about how saying “Good job!” and “Cool” would not be helpful.

We also talked about giving kind wishes, and making sure not to hurt feelings. When I sent my kiddos off to try it on their own, I was so excited to hear the helpful, productive, and kind feedback! No hurt feelings, and I even heard some agreeing with their partner’s wish! It was golden!

Click on the picture above to download your free 2 stars and a wish cards.


This week we also launched Work on Writing for Daily 5. I decided to do this choice second for a few reasons. 1: I want to save Read to Someone until the end to keep up their enthusiasm (I know they’ll LOVE that one). 2: I’m so not ready to launch Word Work. 3: I didn’t want to launch Listen to Reading until we had at least 2 choices since I only have 2 CD players. So, we started work on writing this week!

I’m not going to lie. The first day was r.o.u.g.h! I always forget how tough writing is for kiddos, and launching choices that use supplies always creates a lot of obstacles when everyone needs supplies. However, day 2 went a lot better. We create heart maps of writing ideas, and that helped a ton! By Friday, they were writing for a solid 10-15 minutes!

Work on Writing Ideas

So, I have 2 caddies like this to hold my work on writing supplies. In this one I have writing prompt cards (free here), idea flip books that came with my classroom, and my Roll Out a Story Dice & Writing Center.

Roll Out a Story

I (and my kiddos) LOVE my to roll out a story. They love the funny topics, and of course they love using a die. These are great because you literally print, laminate, and add a die and you’re set. The pack comes with 10 sets, and if you click on the picture about and click on the preview button, you can grab 1 for free. πŸ™‚

Class Journals and Flip Book

This is what is in my second caddy (no idea why I didn’t take a picture, oops!). I have some more writing prompt cards, these class journals (which they love because when they’re done, they can read each other’s work), and these build a story booklets.

OT Flip Book

Now, I really like these flip books. I think they’re great, but I honestly don’t think they were quite work the 12 bucks. I would recommend buying them if they went on sale though. Just a warning. Each flip book is exactly the same, with the same prompts, they covers are just different colors. Still my kiddos love them, so they work! Click on the picture to check them out at Oriental Trading.

That’s what we did this week. πŸ™‚ My kids are definitely getting into the routine, and our classroom is becoming quite the little community.

Before I go, I just posted (finally) my Citizenship Lapbook! We made these this week in Social Studies, and they were awesome!

Click the picture below to check it out! πŸ™‚

Citzenship Lapbook

This week we’ll be working on character traits, so check back later this week to see what we’re up to in my second grade paradise!

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