Jeopardy, 100th Day Plans, and Some Freebies

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This week has been already been a busy one. Today’s post is going to be kind of random, so bear with me.

First, I want to share the COOLEST website I found with you. If your kids like Jeopardy games, this website is for you.

jeopardy labs logo

My kids LOVE Jeopardy games. I don’t have them answer in questions, but for some reason they love reviewing this way. This is seriously the easiest way to make a Jeopardy game ever. Click the picture above to check it out. 🙂 We reviewed for our test on addition and subtraction today and they loved it!


I also wanted to share this tally mark song I wrote earlier this year. (I told you it would be random.) I was thinking about how much my kiddos loved it today, so I decided I might as well share it with you all! When we say the 1,2,3,4 cross on 5 part, we use our hand to go up and down on 1,2,3,4 and then diagonally on 5. They love that part. 🙂 Click the picture to download the song.

Tally Mark Song


Okay, now for more randomness. When is your 100th Day of school? Did it already pass? Ours is on Monday, and I’m SUPER excited. If you’re looking for ideas, you can check out my 100th Day Pinterest board by clicking the picture below.

100th Day Pinterest Board

Some of my favorite plans are to make a 100th Day necklace out of fruit loops (counting by 10’s), writing about what we’ll look like in 100 years, making a 100th day hat, and putting 100 activities in balloons to pop throughout the day.


I also really liked the Roll the Dice to 100 Game from Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten so I decided to make a sheet for my students to play. All they do is estimate how many rolls it will take, and then color a different color each time they roll. Click the picture below to download your own 100’s Chart.

100th Day Roll to 100 Chart

One of my ALL time favorite 100th Day activities is making our 100th Day Snack Mix. When I student taught in First Grade, my cooperating teacher did this, and I’ve done it every year since. I have seen people do it different ways, but what I like to do is put students in groups and have them work together with one materials to count out 100. We always talk about how counting by 10’s is the fastest way to get to 100 so we can make 10 rows of 10. Once everyone counts out their part of the snack, we put it in a big bowl, mix it up, and then everyone enjoys their snack. As we eat, we always figure out how many items there are all together. I really love doing it this way because they get to work cooperatively. Don’t worry, we always hand sanitize first. 😉

Here are a few pictures of some of the snacks we use. I like to use gold fish, popcorn, m&m’s, cheese puffs, cereal, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, raisins, pretzels, cheez-its, animal crackers, etc. Just be careful when dealing with students with allergies.

100 Day Snack CollageSo, that’s just about it for my random post today. I hope it wasn’t *too* all over the place.

Before I go, I did want to let you know that I’m eeking closer and close to 550 TpT followers (only need 4 more) 50 Blog followers (also only need 4 more), and 550 Facebook followers (already hit that one!).

I’m planning something exciting for when I get there, so if you aren’t following me yet, now’s a great time to start!

Enjoy the rest of your week and make sure to stop back for my Top Five Freebies of the Week on Saturday!

Martha from Primary Paradise 🙂

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