Turn Classroom Trash into Instructional Treasure: Make & Take Round Up

Turn Classroom Trash into Instructional Treasure: Make & Take Round Up

In case you missed any of April’s Make & Take Facebook live videos or blog posts on how to take classroom waste and make it useful, I wanted to do a quick round up!

All of these ideas can be quickly and easily made with items you already have in your classroom such as dried up marker caps, empty fruit or applesauce cups, glue stick or bottle caps, and old, empty tissue boxes! Here are some unique and fun ways to engage your students and repurpose items from your classroom.

Click on each picture to go to the post and learn how to create each teaching tool!

Use old, dried up marker caps to make adorable, cheap, and easy finger pointers in this fun DIY post! These are the perfect way to make guided reading, independent reading, and Daily 5 times more fun! So easy students can make them themselves!

Learn how to make DIY dice holders from recycled fruit cups for your students! Keep dice from flying across the room, and noise down while students practice! Freebie dice games are also included!

Hoarding glue caps or marker caps? Reuse dried up glue caps to play this free find and cover game with editable versions included

Turn Classroom Trash Into Instructional Treasure in this Round Up of Fun, Recycled Activities!

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