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Common Core Math: Have your students REALLY mastered that math skill?

How can you be sure that you are fully addressing all aspects of each common core math standard?  That is the question that I asked myself when I created my Activities by the Standard resources for first grade and second grade. I’ve created resources that helps you streamline your instruction, reduce planning time, and ensures that you address every aspect…

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Decodables Gone Digital: Ditch the Prep for Readers Made Easy

Decodable Readers: If you thoroughly enjoy the printing, cutting, folding, stapling, prepping, storing, hunting for the one you need, and repeating all of the above when they go home with your students only to never return loop of frustration than you can just go ahead and skip this post. However, if you’re like the rest of us who loathe doing this…

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Dice and Dabbers in the Classroom: Cheap & Engaging Tools

Dice and bingo dabbers are two of my favorite cheap, engaging, and versatile classroom tools. Today I’m going to share ways you can use them for math and reading activities in your classroom as part of my September series. This month I will share how you can use items you already have in your classroom to engaging students and enhance learning!…

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The Secret to Engaging Word Work & Writing Centers on the Cheap

Centers that are engaging for your students and cheap and easy for you? What if I told you that you also don’t have to change them all year and you can still differentiate at the same time? No,this isn’t the beginning of a really terrible joke, it was the reality in my classroom! And I’m excited to share my easy,…

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At Risk for Summer Slide? BRAINtain is a 5 Minute Solution

How do you prevent the summer slide without requiring a lot of time or supplies while making it meaningful and engaging? That’a a tall order, but not impossible! Today I’m going share the BRAINtain program that saves you prep time, is easy for parents to use, and engages students daily! So, what is BRAINtain anyway? BRAINtain is a combination of…

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Hairy Money: An Intervention Tool for Counting Coins

When I first started teaching, the New Jersey standards required my first graders to learn to count coins up to 99 cents. It was always an extremely difficult concept because it require a lot of skill at once (skip count by different amount, identifying coins and remembering their value, addition etc) Thankfully, the standards have since been revised, and new…

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