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Pumpkin Exploration Day: Engaging Ideas for Your Learners

Pumpkin exploration, pumpkin investigation, or just pumpkin day! Whatever you call it, your students will love these fun, hands on science, reading, writing, and character education activities! Watch my Facebook Live video about this topic here. All of the free printables I’m going to share in this post are available in our Facebook group files here. Pumpkin Exploration: Let them…

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Fidget Spinners in Your K-2 Classroom

Fidget Spinners. I get it, teachers. I get why you want to take this fad and throw them out, burn them, and ban them. I truly, truly understand your frustration and annoyance. They can be distracting, many kids who don’t need them have them, and they’re just everywhere. Kid fads can be so annoying and seem so pointless (remember pogs?).…

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